Poker Strategy: When And How To Double Barrel

Poker is many things. It is one of the world’s largest card and casino games, with over a hundred million players for online poker alone. It is exceptionally lucrative, with casinos and online poker sites hosting tournaments with millions of dollars in prize money. One of the most prominent reasons for poker’s popularity is that it favors skill over luck. In poker, luck is only short-term. The best poker players use their skill and strategy to make a consistent profit over time, even with occasional luck swings. As for strategy, an aggressive playstyle is almost always better than a passive one.

This is because aggression gives you a second way to win. You must wait for the showdown to win with a passive playstyle. This relies solely on a good hand, which is rare. Even in games where you finally get a good hand, there is still no guarantee your opponents will commit money to the pot, meaning you could make very little if they all fold. In contrast, an aggressive playstyle allows you to win by making others fold. You can do this with any hand, which is why bluffing is a core part of poker. Waiting for a good hand is slow and predictable. It is much harder to play against a good aggressive player, as they are difficult to read based on their actions and hand ranges. This poker guide will teach you a great bet you should consider when playing aggressively: The double barrel.

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Double barreling explained

Many players know what a continuation bet is. That is one of the most common techniques in poker, with everybody from complete beginners to seasoned pros performing it. A continuation bet is a bet on the flop made by the person who made the last aggressive action (bet or raise) pre-flop. The bet gets its name because the maker is continuing their aggression in a later round. A double barrel is simply a continuation bet made on the turn. This degree of repeated aggression has plenty of benefits, as you can see below.

Double barreling uses

The double barrel is similar to a continuation bet, albeit lesser-used and riskier. These are a few reasons why double barreling is useful:

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When to double barrel

Being such an aggressive play, it is no surprise double barrels come with many risks. You cannot just do them every game, as it would become predictable, and you would go broke quickly. Here are a few tips for executing double barrels properly:

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