Poker Strategy: How to 3-Bet

Poker is an incredibly well-known game with lots of room for skill expression. The very best poker players regularly make a long-term profit from poker, even with the inherent luck involved. They accomplish this in many ways, from properly managing their funds to reading other players’ hands to bluffing their way to victory. This poker guide will cover an essential part of poker strategy: Betting. It will focus on a widespread and powerful betting technique, the 3-bet. It will cover everything from what the 3-bet is to how to use it properly.

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1. What is a 3-bet?

The poker 3-bet gets its name because it is the third bet in a typical match of Texas Holdem. The blinds are considered the first bet, and a player raising the blind is the second. A player who then re-raises that bet has now performed a 3-bet. There is even a 4-bet if the 3-bet gets re-raised. It is an aggressive technique, implying that your hand is strong.

2. Why 3-bet?

The best thing about the 3-bet is its versatility. You can use it for both bluffing and value, the two purposes of any bet in poker. The 3-bet represents a hand so firmly it can control the game. It gets weaker hands to fold and gives you the initiative. Because of this, it also gives you information about the ranges and habits of the other players. Finally, 3-betting is also a great way to build the pot since if people call, the pot drastically increases in size.

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3. 3-bet ranges

3-bet ranges can be broken down into three tiers:

4. When to 3-bet

Value 3-betting is simple to understand. It’s almost always recommended to 3-bet your strong hands, as it builds the pot well and can get weaker hands to fold on sight. Aggression is excellent even when you have a strong hand, as while some players will inevitably fold, if a player calls a large bet, the pot will remain similar in size. It is not a good idea to limp (call into the pot) with a strong hand, as it allows your opponents to outdraw you on the flop or later turns. 3-betting strong hands almost guarantees a long-term profit. 3-betting is also an incredibly effective counter to those trying to steal the blinds. Stealing the blinds is when you raise the blinds from a late position since it puts a lot of pressure on the small and big blinds. They will have to play from out of position if they call, which requires a strong hand. If you notice your opponents often attempting to steal the blinds with a bluff, you can 3-bet to turn the tables on them.

Bluff 3-betting is a bit more complicated since you aren’t relying on a strong hand and showdown win. You must consider many factors, from the opponent’s fold to a 3-bet percentage you can find on a poker head-up-display (HUD). This is easy to use, as you know that you should bluff a player likely to fold to 3-bets, and you should use a player unlikely to fold for value. You must also consider position, as it’s better to 3-bet players when you are in position. It is also better to 3-bet players who raise from a late position since they have a larger range than those playing in an early position.

5. 3-bet overuse

3-betting is a powerful tool you should try to include in your games. However, it is critical to know when you shouldn’t 3-bet, as the consequences of a weak 3-bet are potentially disastrous. Doing it too often can lead to you becoming predictable, and the chances of you getting your opponent to fold going down. You must also adapt your strategies from game to game, as every player is different. It would be a great idea to 3-bet and cbet a loose player since the amount of pressure you put on them would make them fold most of the hands in their extensive range. Likewise, it is not a good idea to 3-bet a nit since they would certainly only raise if their hand is the best. It also wouldn’t be good to 3-bet a maniac with a high 4-bet percentage unless you are 100% confident in your hand.

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Practicing with online poker

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